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803 Collection

     The 803 Anthology was the first title released by 803 Studios. Our sole purpose in releasing these genre-free books was to expose the world to some incredible talent overlooked by the mainstream industry.

     Comprised of 3 issues, the collection contains eight amazing short stories from both studio and non-studio creators.




     Sequential Suicide
is 803 Studios' latest Anthology installment. It is designed to replace our original book, 803, while staying true to its indie-friendly feel. This annual anthology will have a single theme or idea that will be announced early each year. Submitting art teams will have until the first of November of each year to turn in their 5-8 page stories for possible inclusion in the next year's anthology.

     For more information about what we're looking for and how to submit, click on the logo to the left.




     K.I.P.:Knowledge Is Power is the story of a group of people commissioned by an ancient secret society to investigate and chronicle the paranormal. But they get more than they bargained for as they uncover the hidden history of mankind and a dark prophecy foretelling the enslavement of mankind and the end of the world as we know it.

     In the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, K.I.P. has a strong mystical and theological foundation. Unlike Buffy, which uses vampires and werewolves, Knowledge Is Power delves into Angels, the ancient Hindu tales of a great war between Atlantis and Rama, and the shared history of the world’s religions.

     K.I.P.: Knowledge Is Power made its debut in 803 #2. Breaking The Seal gave readers a tiny glimpse into the K.I.P. universe.





Trypple Ignazio exists in a world of Mech Armed Mobsters and Devils that run wild on earth. In this world he needs only three things ...


science of six

     Divided between six innocent children is every superhuman ability that exists or ever will exist.

Will they grow up to be heroes,...
          or our unchallenged masters?

science of six

Straight outta Hong Kong comes a sketchbook from 803 Studios' one and only...
YKMan... the newest force of nature to hit the manga market



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