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     803 Studios has opened the floodgates and is now accepting submissions.  Everyone cheer.  Our submissions guidelines are below for standard writer, penciler, inker, and colorist submissions.  If you’re interested in submitting to or learning more about our new title Sequential Suicide, click here

     803 Studios would like to thank, in advance, everyone interested in submitting to work with us.  We’re not a big publisher by any means, but we’re doing our best to ensure that as many overlooked, talented artists and writers see print as we can afford to do.  That said, all submissions will be reviewed, but we will not have an opportunity to respond to every single submission.  If we’re interested in working with you, we will definitely get in touch and we will do our best to respond to as many of the ones we’re passing on as possible. 

     To submit work to 803 Studios, please snail mail copies of your work with a signed Submission Agreement to:

Submissions Editor
803 Studios
P.O. BOX 4989
West Columbia, SC 29171

      Do not send us emails with work attached; they will be discarded.   If you email links to your gallery online, we may not have a chance to thoroughly examine your work.  Do not send originals.  Submissions will not be returned.  If you would like confirmation that we have received your submission, include a Self Addressed Stamped Postcard.  We’ll be more than happy to drop that in the mail to you.

     Now… on to the guidelines.

Submissions Guidelines for Writers


      While we love writers, hell a few of us claim to be writers, there are just not enough hours in the day to fully review scripts and proposals.  Because we are canceling the 803 Anthology after issue 3, the best outlet for writers will be Sequential Suicide (link to SS page).  We’re not a publishing house and are not (yet) able to publish individual titles.  We hate to say it this way, because we’ve heard it a thousand times, but grab an artist and write a short script for submission to Sequential Suicide and try us that way.  Who knows, it could open up a line of dialog and we may invite you to pitch a story or two our way.

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Submission Guidelines for Pencilers


      Sequential Art please.  We ask for five to six of your best sequential pages.  Please include quiet scenes in addition to action scenes.  A lot of the titles we have are off the mainstream path and require subtle character “acting” so we’d like to see how you can handle different types of scenes, faces, genders, and body types.  Let’s see some normal people in addition to your “super-sized” heroes.  We’re looking at pacing, backgrounds, camera angles, story telling, consistency, depth, etc.  Some of us “holier-than-thou” writers like to think of ourselves as writing visual literature and we’re looking for dedicated artists to collaborate with. 

      Cover art.  Yes, we do have books coming out that need covers.  But we’re looking for artists that can do it all from the pencils to the colors.  If you’re one of these artists and you’re interested in gracing the cover of an independent book, please send in three to five (only) of your best cover layouts.  We’re looking for design capability in addition to brute talent. 

      Again, no matter what you’re submitting, please include a Submission Agreement (link to pdf) with all submissions.

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Submissions Guidelines for Inkers


        Along with a signed Submission Agreement (link to pdf), we want to see the same sort of variety from an inker that we ask of a penciler.  Five to six sequential pages will do nicely.  Quiet scenes.  Action scenes.  Character subtleties.  Backgrounds and settings are a must.  We’re looking at your quality of ink lines, variety of line weights, and use of ink to set a scene’s tone and enhance the pencil work.  Please include both a copy of the original pencils and your inks.  We want to see how you work with a penciler.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to establish that you can handle different penciling styles as well.  For inkers, we will accept more than one packet at a time. 

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Submissions Guidelines for Colorist


      So true, so true.  We don’t have any color books.  Yet!  There are a few titles that we’re working on that we really want in color.  That’s where you will come in.  We’re looking for a good understanding of color theory.  How do you use color to set a mood?  Establish the constant exchange of power between two or more people?  That sort of thing.  We’re looking for the same sort of nuances we expect of our pencilers and inkers.  How do you handle skin tones and depth?  Five to six sequential pages with your signed Submission Agreement (link to pdf) would be great.  We’re looking for story telling. 

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All Artists and Writers


      Dedicated is the key word.  Because of the nature of independent publishing, we are really looking for people that believe enough in their art that they’ll devote a few hours each day as much as possible to honing their craft.  If you’re overly defensive about your work or it takes you two to three weeks to produce a page of art or script, we’re not sure if you have the patience to work with us and we know we don’t have the patience to work with you.  Sounds harsh, but them there’s the facts.

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