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Because the love of the book'll kill us.




     Sequential Suicide is 803 Studio’s replacement for the 803 Anthology.  It’s a bit more of a challenge than the standard Anthology, but no less creative or fun. 

     Sequential Suicide is an annual collection of short stories centered on a single theme or idea.  These stories can be of any genre and writing and art style.  They can be abstract, funny, horrific, or action packed.  But they must be for a general audience.  No porn.  It breaks our hearts as well, but we belief that comics are for everyone… including kids.  Go figure.  But we’re not going to cater to the lowest common denominator.  We won’t rule out more adult themes and hinted nudity, but lets go light on the swear words and full frontal, okay? 
      Okay, so how do you submit for Sequential Suicide?  Easy.  Maybe not.  This is designed to weed out those that don’t really want it.  Writers, artists; collaborate!  We want to see finished short stories centered on our theme of the year up to 8 pages in length.  We know the nature of story, and if you need more pages, feel free to submit it, but it better be great.  We can’t have one story dominating the book.  This is an open field; an opportunity for everyone.  We want to read your pages as you would like them printed.  The deadline will be November 1 of every year for us to release early the next year.  Accepted stories will be announced by mid-November in our News section and the book will be slated for release shortly after we receive print-ready files from each art team.  To submit for Sequential Suicide, mail copies only of the final pages along with a Submissions Agreement to: 


Sequential Suicide
803 Studios
P.O. BOX 4989
West Columbia, SC 29171


Sequential Suicide THEME for 2007:



Sequential Suicide THEME for 2008:





Sequential Suicide THEME for 2009: