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803 Studios is at it again! The second installment of our anthology Sequential Suicide is right around the corner

       Sequential Suicide’s theme for 2008: SLOP.

       54 year old Remus Filch lives on his Pig Farm 35 miles outside Charville, a northern mid-sized city. Everyone would have described him as a quiet simple man. Except for one thing; his fetish for prostitutes. Primarily his insatiable desire to murder them. His pigs love them too... as dinner. Remus disposes of the bodies like any good psychopath would, by chopping them to bits and feeding them to his animals. 

Sequential Suicide Stories In addition to four studio stories by Steven Prouse, Anthony Hightower, Chuck Brown, Eraklis Petmezas, Rob Hicks, John Padding and Daniele Serra, Sequential Suicide: SLOP will be available for purchase early 2008, so be sure to check back regularly for where and how to pick up your copy!


2008's Sequential Suicide: SLOP
will include in no particular order:

Feel Good & Grit
Mauricio Castro, Mark Gottlieb & Carlos Campos O.
Who Could Care
Thomas Wells, Monty & Dana Shukartsi
Left Overs
Corey Stokes & Chris McJunkin
Steven Ekstrom & Douglas Draper
Patrick Tkaczynski & Reno Maniquis
Travis Legge & Alexander Levitas
The Hornet
by Phil Parkerson
Chris Carroll & Andrew Gregory
Bobby Irving & Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo with a special thanks to J.D. Parrish